90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Episode 1

We have been waiting for 90 Day The Other Way for MONTHS, and it definitely did not disappoint!

Happily Ever After is kind of a snooze-fest, I was so very happy when TLC announced that The Other Way would be airing this summer.

We’ve only seen one episode, but I think it’s safe to say TOW is far more entertaining than HEA, and so far I’m really into this sh*t show.

Couple #1 - Jenny and Sumit

No, Jenny. No you won’t be able to survive on what you have.

No, Jenny. No you won’t be able to survive on what you have.

Jenny is 60, lives in Palm Springs, and has exactly $6,000. She’s ‘risking it all’ (meaning, $6,000 and her job at a resort) to go to India and live with Sumit. How will she support herself once her $6,000 runs out? Dear Lawd, I hope we get to see it happen!

Jenny goes to see a financial advisor, which also somehow gives her citizenship advice and tells her she won’t be able to collect social security. (This is completely bonkers; tons of Americans retire abroad every year and still collect social security. She doesn’t have to renounce her citizenship! Fire this financial advisor immediately, Jenny!)

But Jenny has a secret that she hasn’t told her daughters. Sumit (her 30-year-old Indian boyfriend) initially cat-fished her (see below), which makes their story even more hilarious.

Totally the same dude, right?

Totally the same dude, right?

Couple #2 - Corey and Evelin

Corey is a 32-year-old Mormon from Washington who wants kids, while Evelin is from a tiny town in Ecuador and thinks the man should provide while she sits at home being a full-time dog mom… because she doesn’t want kids.

Their entire relationship is perplexing, because Corey’s faith is really important to him, while Evelin thinks Mormonism is a cult.

I’m aware that this show does some tricky editing, so I want to address the soundbite of Corey recounting his having given Evelin $40,000 to ‘invest in her business.’ This is meant to infuriate us, but if you look at their business’s Instagram page, Corey and Evelin clearly run this business together and have been doing so for a few years. So Corey didn’t ‘give her’ $40,000. Rather, he transferred funds to the Ecuadorian citizen that was able to secure the property and get the business permits necessary to open their cocktail bar.

I think a lot of their drama is fabricated or exaggerated, since they seem to be super into each other. As long as I’m entertained, I don’t really care.

Couple #3 - Tiffany and Ronald

Tiffany (the American) didn’t know she was pregnant until her baby was crowning; she now has an 8-year-old son.

Ronald has a long list of problems, the most prevalent being his gambling addiction. (Hot Tip: Gambling is arguably more addictive than most drugs.) He also has a record, but unlike our friends from Before the 90 Days, Ronald accepts that he’s never going to get a K1 visa (or any American visa), and that if Tiffany and him are going to be together, she’s got to move to South Africa.


This couple is already engaged and has a wedding date planned. Ronald is scheduled to get out of Jesus Rehab 8 days before the wedding. Tiffany is dragging her 8-year-old son to South Africa to live permanently. I’m dying to know how this all plays out.

Tiffany appears to have media training, or maybe she’s just a natural narrator. Whatever happens with their story, we can expect for it to be dramatically and expertly told by Tiffany.