Before the 90 Days: S2 E10 - Goodbye for now

Angela wants a quickie, Hazel recites part of Tarik's famous rap, Jon and Rachel make out a lot, and Jesse and Darcey have make-up sex (DON'T DENY IT JESSE). Also... a super cool interview with 90 Day Fiance Reddit & Instagram Hero, Katie_not_holmes, dishes on her encounter with Sticky Ricky.

Here's my recap of Episode 8: Expecting the Unexpected.

In this extended episode we talk about the Season Finale of Before the 90o Days Season 2, our predictions for the Tell All and beyond, and tons of news and gossip as always.

We also interview Katie-not-holmes, 90 Day Fiance Reddit Detective Extraordinaire, who now calls Instagram home. Listen to her story about how she met up with Ricky in New York City.

Follow Katie on Instagram here. (Girl makes some mean memes.

TLC continues it's ongoing game about international cuisine. It's not cool.

 That’s all for Episode Ten. Next week, we have the Tell All, and I really, really want to know if Angela tries to punch Rachel. Popcorn, please.

I’ll also have a proper recap next week, as I’m back from vacation :-)