Support Friend of the Podcast Victoria

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Victoria listened to our silly podcast while recovering from a terrible accident, so we wanted to say thanks by posting a link to her GoFundMe to help her get back on her feet and take care of her kids. Cast members throw around GoFundMes for eye-roll-inducing stuff all the time (Looking at you, Rachel), so lets support a REAL ONE :) Maybe Kim and I can balance our karma for all the trash we talk on this show…

From the Campaign:

On July 20, 2018 at 6:55am my sister Victoria's vehicle was struck full speed into the driver's side.  She is only 22 years old and a single mother of 2. The vehicle's roof had to be cut open to extract her. She was taken by life flight to Houston where we have learned about multiple injuries. Her sacrum is broken along with several other fractures to her pelvis and damage to her ligaments. She also has multiple injuries to her organs in her abdomen area. She has already gone through a few traumatic surgeries and has more to come.

She will likely not be mobile for a while. Unfortunately she did not have health or vehicle insurance yet even though she was doing the best she could with her income for her kids and making great progress day after day. If you knew her you would be proud. The driver who struck her also had no car insurance. She will also not be receiving any paid disability during this time. We are currently planning a benefit and trying to raise money to help cover follow up medical visits and the basic necessities over the next few months. 

There are so many gofundme pages flying around and it is hard to donate to all and take all of them seriously. We are very grateful for any donations or volunteering that can be offered. If you have any questions or want to be involved please contact me.